SC bar’s sneering message for gun owners sparks backlash, sign ideas [pics]

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As Twitchy reported, Backstreets Pub & Grill, a Clemson, S.C., bar, posted a sneering sign slamming gun owners and doubled down on its Facebook page.!/jlhowe/status/445960724771131392

A backlash swiftly erupted.!/mbw86/status/445962911564173313


Speaking of signs, Second Amendment supporters have a few ideas. How about these signs, Backstreets?!/RightEyeGuy/status/445949320764735489!/sleepywizard/status/445949759044337664

Well, consumers do have a choice. Why frequent an establishment that treats you with disdain before you even step through the door? Clearly, your business is not wanted.!/RichardShiller/status/445962656977940480

As for Backstreets, it has yet to respond to the backlash on its Twitter feed. It did, however, respond to praise.!/BackstreetsPub/status/445962650837458944

Noted, Backstreets.


Who are the ‘douchebags’? You won’t believe this Clemson, SC pub’s sneering sign slamming gun owners [pics]

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