See This Room? Well, What Happened Inside It Is The BEST PRANK EVER. Trust Me.

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What’s the best prank you ever pulled? How about the best prank you wish you could do, but never did? Well I’m betting none were as great, or as dedicated as this. Seriously, imagine heading out of town for a weekend, only to find that your dorm room looking like… well, this!

In 2006, students in a dorm decided to prank their RA, who would be leaving for a three day weekend.

They helped him take the suitcases to the car, and stuck a friend in the closet to unlock the door when he left.

Then the fun started. Beginning with these moccasins.

Then came his phone and textbooks.

And the doorstop.

Then his DESK! Even the pictures.

Soon, half the room was covered in FOIL.

And the second half finished. They did the walls, the ceiling, everything. It took 3 days and 2400 sq. ft. of tin foil.

To the point that when the light shone in the room, you could have baked a cake!

Could you imagine coming home to that??? Or even cleaning it up after? Well, this prank happened in 2006, so I guess waiting 8 years before confessing must have been important. Because I’ll bet that RA was super angry. 🙂 Source: Imgur

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