Shock: President Obama to hold news conference, accept questions from press!/markknoller/status/268518834661638148

It’s on, tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. It has been a while, hasn’t it? It seems like it was only August when President Obama shocked the White House press corps by stopping by to answer a question or two, inspiring ABC’s Jake Tapper to call after the press’ “special guest,” “Don’t be a stranger!” as he left the podium and disappeared behind his curtain.

It was Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment which seems to have drawn out the president in August, and word is he’ll address the widening Gen. David Petraeus “sex scandal” tomorrow and even take questions. Any predictions? Requests?

I wonder what Obama will be asked about at the press conference tomorrow…

— Andy Lancaster (@andylancaster) November 14, 2012

Obama’s annual press conference tomorrow

— Adrian Gray (@adrian_gray) November 14, 2012

How’s the golf game coming along? RT”@andylancaster: I wonder what Obama will be asked about at the press conference tomorrow…”

— Jeff Kennedy (@JeffOutLoud) November 14, 2012

Do you need a juice box? “@adrian_gray: Obama’s annual press conference tomorrow”

— Tony Feltner (@TonyFeltner) November 14, 2012

“How is this Bush’s fault?” @ag_conservative RT @andylancaster: I wonder what Obama will be asked about at the press conference tomorrow…

— Bonnie (@BonShores) November 14, 2012

Press conference prediction: Obama will blame Republicans and then reporters will ask how he will deal with the uncompromising Repubicans.

— AG (@AG_Conservative) November 14, 2012

Oh, Obama’s going to give a press conference tomorrow? I’m sure he’ll lay out his plan to reduce the debt and restore our prosperity. LOLOL

— Kevin Eder (@keder) November 14, 2012

Ha! Obama comes out tomorrow for news conference on Petraeus affair, 1;30 tomorrow! Still no news conference on #Benghazi

— Nickarama (@Nickarama1) November 14, 2012

@nickarama1 Obama supposedly taking questions. Will that stop with 1st #Benzhagi question (if any)? #IThinkWeAllKnowTheAnswer

— Angie Mancuso (@AngieMancuso) November 14, 2012

YESSS! Obama’s holding a press conference tomorrow to tell us all about the Petraeus scandal. You can bet every word he says will be true!

— Tami Marler (@tamimarler) November 14, 2012

ValerieJarrett’s done preparing O for his press conference tomorrow. Answer#Benghazi #StandDown #7HoursOfHell questions truthfully!#NoLies

— Rose Martino (@rmcmartino1) November 14, 2012

@foxnews Are you kidding me?! A press conference for a sex scandal yet never a conference when Ambassador Stevens was killed?!?!

— iamnotbuyingit (@NewtonLake) November 14, 2012

Government Orgy gets a press conference, but nothing on #Benghazi. Obama, I’m sure Petraeus had sex in Benghazi – think that will work?

— Bonnie (@BonShores) November 14, 2012

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