Someone Made Huge Sculptures Out Of Ordinarily Small Things And They’re Perfect.

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The most impressive art installations are either tiny or indescribably huge. There is something about an unrealistic size that can pique anyone’s curiosity.

Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to have a GIANT ice cream cone? One that is like 10 times the size of your body? Well, these sculptors have made that dream a reality. It may not be edible, but you can now see what it would look like if your wish for some over-sized every day objects came true. 

It’s equal parts creepy and awesome.

Someone’s World Cup experience was ruined.

I bet that rabbit’s foot is REALLY lucky.

Good thing that rubber ducky isn’t in the tub with you.

That’s just the cherry on top! HEYYYOOO!!!

Mushrooms that you could literally trip on.

Those quarters have to be worth more than 25 cents.

Better hope this bird poops on you! It’ll be the best luck ever!

I’ve got my eye on this piece.

That clip will really keep your chips fresh.

I hope that girl has a good dentist.

I saw this once. Get it? Saw? Hello?

Can you imagine blowing that thing up?

Where are the two giant rackets? Let’s get a game going.

Now you can actually shower in the sink.

5 second rule!

Honey, I blew up the art. Share this if you appreciate the finest, biggest art in the world.

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