That was fast: @SnowdensSeat parody account takes off!/avimayer/status/349133106055352320


As Twitchy reported Monday morning, Edward Snowden was not on the flight from Moscow to Cuba. Journalists were hardest hit and they hilariously posted pictures of his empty seat. 

It didn’t take long for a parody account to appear.!/GregWallace66/status/349132201289478144!/VocativUK/status/349130435084816384

And @SnowdensSeat takes off!


Or how about some selfies?!/SnowdensSeat/status/349127674779803648

Twitter users are eating it up.!/_DennisJ_/status/349132727917879297!/maramkaff/status/349137188245606400!/schennessey/status/349133265359216643

We do too!


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