These 25 Dogs Are Actually Only Half-Listening To What You’re Saying

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It can be so annoying when your dog doesn’t listen.

This is especially true when you’re certain that your pup understands exactly what you’re telling him to do. I’ve definitely been there and can attest to the frustration, but I have to admit that they make it look really cute.

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These dogs are in similar situations, but they aren’t flat-out ignoring you. They’re just half-listening because they’re sassy. Their ears give them away.

1. Pout all you want, buddy!

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2. “Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”

3. “I’ll only listen if you give me more food.”

4. “Did somebody say adoption?”

5. All that fur in his ears probably doesn’t help.

6. “Can you repeat that?”

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7. “The door is that way.”

8. “You can tell me anything you want if you take me for a walk.”

9. I don’t even care if this puppy doesn’t listen as long as he’ll let me snuggle him.

10. “I totally heard everything you just said.”

11. He could have sworn Mom said “park.”

12. This adorable pup didn’t quite catch his owner saying that it was bedtime.

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13. “I don’t want to hear it today, hooman.”

14. He thinks he heard someone at the door.

15. “I’m too tired to listen to you.”

16. “What are you talking about? My ears are perfectly even.”

17. This is the adorable equivalent of raising your hand in class.

18. She’s done listening to your crap!

19. “Did I hear the treat bag?”

20. “Can you just shut up?”

21. “Talk to the paw.”

22. “All I heard was that you were getting me more toys.”

23. “Can you speak up a little?”

24. “Could you stop talking and just throw the ball?”

25. He’s too invested in the game to catch up right now.

(via BuzzFeed)

Who else thinks that having only one pointy ear makes them even more adorable? I sure do, and I’m hoping they stay that way because they’re just too darn cute.

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