Think Your Car Is A Work Of Art? Wait Until You See These.

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Owning a car is an important part of most people’s lives. You (probably) will pay thousands of dollars for it, it’s incredibly useful and they’re just fun to drive. Some people go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their car and making it look super slick.

Then, there are those people go a little overboard with the idea of customizing their car. These are the people who go even more overboard than the overboard people. They’ve actually made their cars into works of art and let me tell you, they’re incredible. They’re also a little insane:

1.) Looks like something a villain would drive.


3.) I don’t think it’s friendly.

4.) Just in time for Christmas.

5.) This car is a little fishy.

6.) We’re gonna need a bigger…car.

7.) He’s not going THAT fast.

8.) Mind…blown.

9.) Food on the go.

10.) Served at 100 mph.

11.) This could be Aquaman’s car if he ever left the ocean.

12.) Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, driving down the I-95.

13.) He’s got no tail to chase!

14.) This is just creepy.

15.) Watch out sir! You’re about to get eaten!

16.) This can’t be street legal.

17.) Look at all those ducks!

18.) WILMAAAAAAA!!!!!!

I think I’m going to go to CarMax and see if I can get one of those. Most likely, no one will be able to find one of these awesome cars on a lot. If you want to look awesomely crazy, you’re going to have to work for it. Share this post if you appreciate art and cars and the marriage of the two.

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