This Cute Kid Can’t Control His Laughter When Dad Begins To Cough

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Babies are already the most precious things on Earth (puppies are a close second), but getting a toddler to laugh is guaranteed to be the highlight of your day.

Little kids can find just about anything to be hilarious — something as simple as spilled milk can send a baby into heavy fits of laughter. And no matter what your mood, seeing a small child laughing hysterically can instantly put you in a better one.

Case in point: While sharing a popsicle with his dad, baby Heath couldn’t help but catch a case of the giggles when his father let out a cough. With each clearing of his throat, Heath’s giggles progress into full-on belly laughs.

If you’re having a bad day, baby Heath has just what you need!

I’m experiencing a bit of cuteness overload. I can’t stop laughing because baby Heath can’t stop laughing. My day has officially been made!

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