This Guy Woke Up To The Most Unusual Surprise On His Balcony. Wait…WHAT?!

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When you live in an apartment, you never know who will move in next to you. You could be neighbors with rowdy college kids, elderly retirees, or a loud family. It’s astonishing how little control we have over something that greatly impacts our lives.

When this man woke up one morning to find that a new neighbor had moved in, he was a little worried. But then he saw who arrived…and his heart melted!

“I made these.”

There’s even a little lunch!

Can you imagine asking your new neighbors for some sugar?

Maybe they could pick up some dinner for you when you’re sick.

Ehh…maybe not.

(via Reddit)

Tell me this guy didn’t hit the new neighbor jackpot! I certainly wouldn’t mind having these awesome critters next door. Maybe I could even be their godfather!

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