This Guy’s Crazy Idea Started To Make His Wife Nervous. But It Was All Worth It, Trust Me.

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During the intensely cold winter in Canada, one man had an awesome, but crazy, idea. He began filling up plastic tubs with water and letting them sit out overnight. Day after day he did this, until he had a pile of ice bricks sitting out on the lawn. What he did with them was the coolest thing (pun definitely intended).

The temperature in Northwestern Ontario averaged a daytime high of about -25 degrees or colder. So, this guy decided to run with it and start freezing some ice… for some reason.

He froze 30 blocks per day, harvesting the new blocks every 12 hours. (Thick gloves were key.)

Over the course of four weeks, this man froze ice blocks. His wife began to worry as they started to fill the driveway.

Lots and lots of ice blocks. (His neighbors were starting to stare.)

But then, he began building something. The construction took almost 6 full nights of frigid work of temperature well below zero.

Slush and snow were mixed together for the mortar, which froze almost instantly in the cold temps.

Slowly, it began to take shape.

And then…

BOOM. Awesome ice fort.

Like, the best ice fort I’ve ever seen.

Once the hard work was over, he called his friends and neighbors over for a big party.

Complete with homemade party lights (LED strings frozen in ice).

Winter doesn’t seem so bad if you can enjoy it like this.

The next time I complain about it being too cold out, I’m going to remember this awesome guy and begin freezing ice blocks on my front porch. Or just stay inside and make some hot chocolate. Source: Share what this awesome dad did with your friends by clicking below.

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