This Little Girl Didn’t Want To Wake Her Mom…Little Did She Know She Was Dead

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In the capital of South Africa, a three-year-old girl was found living with her mother’s corpse. The 27-year-old mom had been dead for three days.

After Natasja Nel failed to return family member’s phone calls for several days, they began to worry. Eventually, a relative drove to Nel’s apartment and found her decomposing body. Her young daughter had been alone with the corpse for three days.

Sadly, the little girl did not realize her mother was dead. She told police, “Mummy was sleeping and didn’t want to wake up.”

However, Nel’s skin had already begun to turn black, a sign of advanced decomposition.

As of yet, officials aren’t sure what caused the young mother’s death. Some believe that she died of an epileptic fit, but an official cause of death is expected to be named at the autopsy.

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Meanwhile, our hearts go out to the sweet little girl who went through such a horrific ordeal at such a young age.

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