This Random Couple Of 57 Years Just Restored My Faith In Love. The Photos Say It All.

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Marriage may not be for everyone, but these touching photos of married couple Ryan and Licia will make you appreciate it more than you ever have. The adorable couple is photographer Marina Rosso’s grandparents. They live in the town of Udine, Italy, and they are just the sweetest things.

Spending every day with the same person may seem like torture for some, but for Ryan and Licia it’s heaven.

Their lives are about love, commitment and support. These two have been married for 57 years.

Every day is the same, but to them it’s not boring.

They are each self-sufficient, yet they help each other survive every day.

If you ever want to find a reason to get married, just look at Ryan and Licia.

Their lives aren’t boring.

It’s sweet, supportive.

And every day they are surrounded by love.

“Licia and Ryan married 57 years ago in a small town next to Udine, Italy. They spent all their lives together and now at the age of 85, things start to be more difficult and the rhythms are slower. All the days look like the others, every movement is a repetitional loop. But this is what keeps them still alive: the idea of being self sufficient and helping each other.” —Marina Rosso

Life is long… and it’s much better when you have someone by your side.

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