This Terrifying Video Shows A Real-Life Nightmare Unfolding On An Island In Mexico

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Personally, my greatest fear isn’t death itself, but rather death by spider bite. I can’t imagine a more horrible way to die than getting bitten by a spider. Luckily for me, the chances of that happening, generally speaking, are very slim. In reality, I’m much more likely to fall victim to a car accident or heart failure.

I was comforted by that fact for a long time…until I saw the following video. In it, UFO hunters using Google Earth seem to have uncovered a building-sized spider living on an island off the coast of Mexico. If this satellite picture is real, this would literally be a man-eating spider…and my worst nightmare.

I suppose it could also be a crab.

Sadly (or luckily?), what we’re seeing in these photos is likely either a hoax or a trick of the light. Normally, these UFO hunters post geo coordinates along with their findings, but so far, no coordinates have been posted for the location of this creature.

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