This Woman Spent Years As A Child Sex Slave And Her Story Is One You Need To Hear

In 1969, now-53-year-old Anneke Lucas was sold by her own mother into an aristocratic pedophile ring in Belgium at the young age of six.

She suffered through five years of unimaginable physical and sexual abuse, and witnessed other children being raped, tortured, and even murdered. On one occasion, she was chained up with an iron dog collar and forced to eat human feces while members of the European elite sat and watched. One of these people later became a Belgian politician.

When she was deemed to be “of no use to the network anymore,” she was tortured and then strapped to a butcher’s block to be killed. She was ultimately spared because a member made a deal with the politician in charge of the network to save her life.

Lucas is now telling her gut-wrenching story of survival as part of her healing journey.

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(via Global Citizen / Daily Mail)

It’s so upsetting to think of the living hell that she and countless other victims of child sex trafficking have been forced to endure. Please share this story to raise awareness about this horrific practice.

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