Tweeters light up Things More Harmful Than Marijuana!/GOPBelle/status/270662824026595331

Today, cannabis advocates managed to trend the hashtag #ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana. You can only imagine where this is going, especially since we can safely assume that half of the snarkers were stoned.

RT @sanhotree: #ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana Eric Holder staying for another term

— John Davis (@LegalizeMI2012) November 20, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuanaMarijuana laced with cocaine

— Alex Goshgarian (@therealagosh) November 20, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana The Glee version of the Gangnam Style. #Stoppp

— Zenn (@SongOfPassing) November 20, 2012

the big mac u enhale cause u got the munchies #ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana

— Fling Tweet (@flingtweet) November 19, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana Weed, Pot, Reefer, Grass, Dope, Ganja, Mary Jane, Hash, Herb, Aunt Mary, Skunk, Boom, Hot Stick. Oh wait…

— John Wlasuk (@throwmetheus) November 20, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana my parent’s punishment for smoking marijuana

— Jake Shapiro (@a1exand3r_shap) November 20, 2012

Me at a buffet when I’m high #ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana

— Kendall gilbert (@its_rasta) November 19, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana marijuana with a vengeance

— sassy placenta(@placenta123) November 19, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana marijuana with claws and fangs

— TweetAbuser (@aciddolphin) November 19, 2012

#thingsmoreharmfulthanmarijuana Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonalds…. But Then again marijuana brings me there 80 percent of the time

— Matias Labella (@MatiasLabella) November 20, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana I choked on a hot dog once… I choked on a bong rip too, but I just coughed that up.

— Kevin (@FearlessKob) November 20, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana Gingers. They steal your souls.. marijuana calms your nerves.

— Sommer(@SomBumm) November 20, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana Avril lavigne’s marriage to the dude from nickel back and any subsequent music

— Christine Medrano (@chrissymeds) November 20, 2012

#thingsmoreharmfulthanmarijuana: the bill for the damaged door I kicked in with help of University Police. It’s still your fault.

— Bad Hall Director (@BadHallDirector) November 20, 2012

#thingsmoreharmfulthanmarijuana wearing the steelers throwback jerseys in public.

— Juicy Jake ™ (@kramerismynamer) November 20, 2012

#ThingsMoreHarmfulThanMarijuana atomic bombs,high caliber guns, chainsaws, fluffy bunnies filled with razor blades, and gas chambers

— Bryan Moore(@Bryan_Moore16) November 20, 2012

Razor blades in fluffy bunnies? Okaaaaaaaaaaaay.

We can only hope that some of these people are high — because if they’re like this sober, then there really is no hope for the world.

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