Twilight fans become unhinged over cheating scandal!/peoplemag/status/227918936610574336

Twi-hards everywhere were near throwing themselves off the cliff where actress Kristen Stewart and her married-with-kids director Rupert Sanders (he directed her in Snow White and the Hunstman) were spotted dry-humping on July 17.  Fans are becoming unhinged at the news that Edward, oops, we mean Robert Pattinson will sever his relationship with his Twilight co-star.

Please let me kill rupert sander and kristen stewart. sian Robert Pattison. –'

— AWATIF (@AwatifWatif) July 27, 2012

if Robert en Kristen break-up my life is over .

— Danielle Droog (@x_Daniielle) July 26, 2012

As if Kristen Stewart cheated on Rob Pattinson. Die bitch

— Amy Harris (@Amysroom) July 25, 2012

Starting a prayer group for Robsten.

— Natasha VC (@natashavc) July 27, 2012

Kristen Stewart: kill yourself.

— G (@getsomeGYNA) July 25, 2012

so upset kristen stewart cheated on robert pattinson #twilightisruinedforme

— Brooke Marron (@brookemarron) July 27, 2012

And, apparently, Kristen is the bastion of feminism. She single-handedly killed it.

LIZ JONES: "Kristen Stewart's betrayal of Robert Pattinson is conclusive proof that women can't be trusted and that feminism is dead."

— The DM Reporter (@DMReporter) July 26, 2012

However, there are people who use common sense.

Im just as big as the next twilight fan but If i hear one more thing abt kristen stewart cheating on "poor edward" ill kill myself #shutup

— Danielle Ponsiglione (@danielleee22) July 27, 2012


— anna☯ (@annavibesx) July 26, 2012

I always knew that Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's relationship was for business. Right before their movie comes out Rob splits.

— katelyn❁ (@kaatelynlindley) July 27, 2012

Lady Gaga lends her support to Kristen.

Lady Gaga sticks up for Kristen Stewart in wake of cheating scandal! What did she say? @ladygaga #kristenstewart

— OK! Magazine USA (@OKMagazine) July 26, 2012

geez this kirstew rob stuff is brutal. makes me sad the way press acts. hope they're ok

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) July 25, 2012

The promo for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2 will be fun.

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