Twitter’s reaction to World Cup broken down into three types

, ,!/World_Wide_Wob/status/477189142745337857

Even in the United States, Twitter’s top trending topics are dominated today by talk of the World Cup.

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Is it true that the trend is made of three types of people? If so, it looks like the people who hate people who pretend to like soccer are keeping things trending.!/meng_will/status/477204220190269440

Let’s check with the always-reliable Ace of Spades.!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/477179073215492096!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/477179838256529410!/jgarcia365/status/477192305300885504!/brittanymora/status/477205853250936832!/ECarroll8/status/477193145944268800!/ayoo_Luuna/status/477110152710348800!/smpltrvlr/status/477176981629321216

Did we say soccer? We of course meant fútbol.!/drewmccarrick/status/477202886225453056


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