upside down view of presidential seal; Corrected!/ChuckNellis/status/333677436434792448

Keen eyes like those at The Jawa Report have noticed this “fallen eagle” being displayed on the official White House Twitter page:

White House Twitter feed

The photo featured on the page appears to be of is the Oval Office ceiling:

Editor’s note: The full background photo does not appear on some browser settings. The photo shows President Obama sitting at his desk with a view of the oval office ceiling, in which the presidential seal would appear upside down from the photographer’s perspective. Thanks to our readers for bringing this to our attention.

Here is a screenshot of the full background photo on the White House Twitter feed.


But would it have been so difficult for the White House tweeters to flip the seal right-side-up?

The eagle in the white house logo on whitehouse twitter page is upside down on it’s background. Scroll down to see it. What is up with that?

— Dominique Barbour (@TheGodofGods1) May 7, 2013

@whitehouse So, what’s with the upside down eagle in the seal on this account ?

— Bert Wikkerink (@ElmiraViking) May 13, 2013

Who thought an upside-down eagle was a good idea?

(Hat tip: Chrissy Mullender)


Editor’s note: This post initially named The Jawa Report as My Pet Jawa. We regret the error.

Editor’s note: This post has been corrected for clarity.

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