Valerie Bertinelli on Rice vs. Gordon suspension: ‘I call bullsh*t’

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Actress Valerie Bertinelli isn’t the only one seeing a discrepancy between the punishments being handed down by the NFL.

This spring, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was charged with third-degree aggravated assault after surveillance video at an Atlantic City casino showed him dragging his seemingly unconscious fiancée from an elevator. He was given a two-game suspension. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, on the other hand, faces a one-year suspension for testing positive for marijuana.!/jmils719/status/493895281428402176!/docbjarnold/status/493896013061828608!/RockHardOrGoHm/status/493896633135153153!/lauraimb/status/493897415863177216!/BlairCrgn/status/493895025072553984!/RSmithInc/status/493894940465057792

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