Van Jones ‘spoils’ Superman movie with immigration reform push!/VanJones68/status/345649584434978816

This is why we can’t have nice things. Droves of people will see “Man of Steel” this weekend, but Van Jones and others just can’t let a summer blockbuster serve as escapist entertainment. The “Superman is an immigrant” website has hijacked the Superman mythos to push … comprehensive immigration reform?

Born on Krypton, he came to this country with the promise of Hope – the symbol he bears on his chest. Many of our families also have a history of immigration. We share Superman’s hope and we continue his fight for truth, justice and the American Way.

You xenophobes wouldn’t deport Superman, would you? That’s just what you’re doing if you insist on securing America’s borders. America’s next superhero could be sneaking across the border right this moment.

We do have a slight quibble with the whole “Superman is an immigrant” conceit, though. Superman isn’t real, Brainiac.!/Byrn67/status/345650319549681664!/ChickenSockPupp/status/345656681046360065

There might be a reason the “Superman is an immigrant” folks aren’t too hung up on him being a wholly fictional being. The site is the work of a group called the HP Alliance; as in, the Harry Potter Alliance, a group that “uses the magical world of Harry Potter as inspiration for a real world Dumbledore’s Army to successfully effect change in the world!”!/TheHPAlliance/status/344834049296187392

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