Vezina Trophy winner Thomas mulling sabbatical?!/Proteautype/status/208365856126808064

According to sources, Vezina Trophy winner and royal pain Tim Thomas is considering sitting out next season.

Let us rephrase.

The 38-YEAR-OLD Tim Thomas is thinking about taking a sabbatical.

Now isn’t the time to be wasting another year of your hockey life, Timmy.

Many speculate, however, that Thomas is only hinting at this to force the Bruins into trading him. Thomas has one year left on his contract which pays him $3 million, although his cap hit is $5 million. His no-trade clause lifts July 1.

Amen. In Rask we trust. RT @martysg Tim Thomas demonstrates yet again…there's no "I" in TEAM and there's no "team" in Tim #fb

— Mike Landers (@ukplissken) June 1, 2012

If T. Thomas really said he would sit out a year, he is using the only leverage he has in trying to determine where he lands in a trade.

— Marc Bertrand (@Marc_Bertrand) June 1, 2012

Funny to think 1 year ago today, Game 1 of the SCF, nobody had any problem with Tim Thomas. Why has that changed?

— Eric Wilbur (@GlobeEricWilbur) June 1, 2012

Ya Tim Thomas is def a team player he is gunna take his last year off with the #bruins and make it do he can't be traded and still get paid

— Kevin Miller (@kmillz34) June 1, 2012

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