Vice President Biden booed at Army-Navy game, remains unshakably cool!/grantdrury4/status/277569774828011520

Honestly, we admire your restraint. Despite his reputation for being the coolest man alive, the Vice President can still elicit boos. Sometimes, as with the NAACP, he’s booed for wrapping up a speech too early. Other times, it’s just for being Joe. Today, Joe Biden was just being Joe at the Army-Navy game, where many report jeers from both sides of the stadium.

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen Joe Biden is introduced and the majority of the Army and Navy fans boo him..

— Amy Douglas (@amydouglas107) December 9, 2012

#Army fans “boo” as Joe Biden comes out to greet the field #ArmyNavyGame

— Hayle K (@hayle_k) December 8, 2012

@joetalkshow at Army Navy game as Joe Biden walks on football field only to get Boo’d…wonder what the military thinks of him?

— Craig pozzi (@craigpozzi) December 8, 2012

Joe Biden was booed all day at the Army Navy game #awkward

— Samantha Baccala (@SamBaccala) December 8, 2012

The whole stadium at the Army Navy game booing Joe Biden when he walked out onto the field. #TFM

— Kemper Wilson (@kemper_wilson) December 8, 2012

Love that Joe Biden is getting boo’d throughout the stadium #ArmyNavy

— Roberto Ugarte (@RobbieU_92) December 8, 2012

You’ll be sorry in January when you don’t have Joe Biden to kick around anymore. Oh wait, you will. Carry on, then.

Joe Biden has no idea how he got to the Army/Navy game.

— UkiahJohnson (@UkiahAtHome) December 8, 2012

Hearing that Joe Biden will be at the Army/Navy game on Saturday. I will also be there with my meme generator app ready to go.

— Joe Leverone (@JoeLeverone) December 4, 2012

Joe Biden is like “That’s a big fuckin’ trophy”. #ArmyNavy

— Mike Small (@audiosuperhero) December 8, 2012

Do not let Joe Biden handle that trophy. This will end badly. #ArmyNavy

— Justin Hokanson (@JHokanson) December 8, 2012

Joe Biden : “thank you coaches for giving me this beautiful trophy, you’re too kind to give this to me for coming to your fooseball game”

— Tanner Smith (@tanner_xc) December 8, 2012

Can’t wait for Joe Biden to present this trophy to the Air Force…

— Blake Eddins (@_BlakeEddins) December 8, 2012

$50 bucks Diamond Joe Biden congratulates Alabama on the win.

— Fake Barney Cotton (@FakeBarnCotton) December 8, 2012

Oh look its @joebiden at the #ArmyNavyGame because @barackobama must be busy packing for his 4 million dollar vacation. The man is a clown.

— Marc T Grove (@mtgrove) December 8, 2012

It should be mandatory that the President of the United States be present at the Army-Navy game. Nobody wannna see Joe Biden.

— Apollo (Mr. Alabama) (@one_illuminati) December 8, 2012

Hey, that’s not true. Whatever the crowd’s reaction, it can’t diminish Biden’s cool, apparently.

Joe Biden is the coolest guy at Army-Navy and it’s not close.… //…

— Michael Katz (@KatzM) December 8, 2012

Just drove by Joe Biden leaving the Army-Navy game. Very cool.

— Joe Vicente(@JosephPeterFunk) December 9, 2012

You just know his security guy is thinking, “That Joe is so cool.”

Vice President Joe Biden & his creepin security at the Army vs Navy game🇺🇸

— Shaefer Cabaniss (@ShaeCabaniss) December 9, 2012

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