What Happened To Her Should Never Happen To Anyone, Ever

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in three women and one in four men will experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetimes.

About 20 people every minute are physically abused by a partner, and more than 20,000 phone calls are made to domestic violence hotlines across the United States each day. This is a horrific epidemic throughout the country, and there are still so many stigmas and misconceptions about what domestic violence is and how it happens.

One woman, Jade Davis, is bravely sharing her story of survival. Her life on Facebook seemed happy, but in her relationship things were not going well.

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In a gut-wrenching Facebook post, Jade says she was made to feel “crazy” and “psycho” and was repeatedly called names by the boyfriend “who [she] loved dearly.”

Friends and family had told her to leave her partner, but she stayed, thinking she was to blame for their problems.

Then she suffered a broken nose when her boyfriend punched her. She says she posted the pictures to show that not everyone is who they say they are. Domestic violence can happen to anyone.

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Jade says she never would have thought this would happen “in a million years.” She also says that anyone in a violent relationship should “let go before it gets like this or worse.”

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