Whoops! Michelle Obama: ‘Get to the polls on November 2′


Oh, dear. Perhaps Romney should have zinged her with a “bless your heart” yesterday! At a campaign event in Florida, Michelle Obama told Obama supporters to get to the polls on November 2.

Michelle Obama orders her husband's followers to vote on Nov. 2. The election is Nov. 6.

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) August 23, 2012

I fully expected Repubs to tell Dems to vote on the wrong date but Michelle Obama? Did NOT see that coming! #NovemberThe2nd

— Jeff O'Toole (@jeffjotoole) August 23, 2012

Well, maybe the voting date is different in those other seven states? Or, is it just the Chicago Way?

Since she's from Chicago, it makes sense to "vote early, vote often" #FLOTUShttp://t.co/XPd3ylKq

— James Callahan, Ph.D (@jamescallahan) August 23, 2012

More from The Weekly Standard:

So that one new voter that you register in your precinct — think about it — that one neighbor that you get to the polls on November the 2 I want you to understand, that could be the one that makes the difference.

Yes, perhaps it could make a difference! Citizens quickly let the First Lady know that they totally agree with her. Obama supporters, go vote … on November 2!

RT @VicLundquist Michelle Obama: 'Get to the Polls on November the 2' http://t.co/NJos4lzg Yes Democrats! Go vote on Nov 2…LOL

— Katy (@KatyinIndy) August 23, 2012

Michelle Obama wants supporters to vote on Nov 2! http://t.co/Kko017q8 Yeah, that's the ticket, vote early, before the election! Brilliant!!

— El Conde (@Visigoth5157) August 23, 2012

To all Democrats please follow the First ladies Advice and vote on november 2nd! http://t.co/jjryA78d

— David (@David_J_R) August 23, 2012

Democrats ONLY: Do as Michelle says & go vote November 2nd! #TCOT Michelle Obama: 'Get to the Polls on November the 2' http://t.co/1MbzJtU4

— Chuck Nellis (@ChuckNellis) August 23, 2012

You heard the First Lady! She wants all her liberal and Democratic friends to get out and vote on November 2. http://t.co/oHSYYMzq

— Michael Roy Hollihan (@mikehollihan) August 23, 2012


@ThisGirlisRight If it wasn't so sad it would be funny What a poor excuse for a FLOTUS I hope all the Libs do vote on Nov 2 LOL

— Anne Heath (@snowlady09) August 23, 2012


Precisely. The media frenzy would be epic, if Palin had said it.

Michelle Obama is encouraging voters to get to the polls on November 2. I agree: Democrats, please cast your vote on November 2nd.

— Robert Cleveland (@RNCleveland) August 23, 2012

And I agree with her! RT @CraigR3521 Remember: Michelle Obama says that Democrats need to get out & vote on Nov 2.

— BLatta (@blatta_in_al) August 23, 2012

Michelle Obama: 'Get to the Polls on November the 2' http://t.co/uOJhht7Z Yes, this is the first time I agree w/ her. Dems, vote "Nov 2nd"

— Matt Dawson (@SaintRPh) August 23, 2012

Our "leaders" > #obama spells it OIHO. Michelle tells ppl to vote Nov 2. And #Biden … well, he's being Biden.

— Murphs Mom (@ReesesPeanut) August 23, 2012

No need to come back and vote on the actual date, Obama supporters. The grown-ups have it covered. You’re welcome!

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