Zimmerman special prosecutor gets all-around bad reviews; Zimmerman granted $150k bond


As we noted earlier this morning, the bail hearing for George Zimmerman is taking place and the nation’s eyes are riveted on the live feed. At this moment, Twitter users across the board are giving thumbs-down to the Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey and her team’s performance. Assistant prosecutor Bernardo de la Rionda helped out. Or rather, he wasn’t helping at all. Zimmerman apologized to the Zimmerman family and defended himself against domestic violence charges. The judge granted him $150,000 bond and required Zimmerman to wear a tracking device.

Man this first state prosecutor in the #Zimmerman case sucks.

— BIG DYCE (@BigDyce) April 20, 2012

This prosecution so bad, Zimmerman won't get community service.

— Justin R. Lester (@Mr_JLester) April 20, 2012

The prosecutor in this Zimmerman trial doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb. Ineffective questions, lots of paper shuffling, lame almost.


Prosecutor single handedly convicts Zimmerman in bail hearing. Why do we need a trial? Asshat. http://t.co/f2bRYC0D via @suzibasterd

— MAMADOXIE (@Mamadoxie) April 20, 2012


Video: Zimmerman Apologizes to the Martins, Prosecutor Makes an Ass of Himself http://t.co/hiPo3qUs

— Weasel Zippers (@weaselzippers) April 20, 2012

Bond set in the amount of $150,000; George Zimmerman would be required to wear a GPS device. #BreakingNews #Zimmerman

— WSVN-TV (@wsvn) April 20, 2012

Watching Zimmerman bail hearing, prosecutor went hard after Zimmerman on whether he apologized to Martin family. Seemed out of place…

— Tim Hagle (@ProfHagle) April 20, 2012

Watching this Zimmerman hearing. Aside from the facts, this prosecutor is terrible.

— Michael Krempasky (@krempasky) April 20, 2012

One more thing. Zimmerman apologized. Prosecutor jumped up to cross examine. Why? Do you really need to prove the apology is insincere

— Paul Petruska (@therebirth) April 20, 2012

Prosecutor asks that #Zimmerman NOT have any contact with state witnesses … but the State has NOT release this information! #tcot #p2

— Defund NPR PBS & NEA (@Jarjarbug) April 20, 2012

LOL So the Prosecutor says Zimmerman shouldn't have contact with witnesses. Defense Attorney said, "there are no named witnesses."

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) April 20, 2012


This Prosecutor is terrible!!! Can I request another one!?! #Zimmerman #TrayvonMartinCase

— Francine Frensky (@NieceJanel) April 20, 2012


Many Twitter users note that the prosecution team is weak because the case is weak:


@FoxNews Correct call on bail. Prosecution's case is weak and much reasonable doubt. Zimmerman will be found not guilty!

— Marc Walther (@Marc_TR6) April 20, 2012

See I be knowin! George Zimmerman is gonna be released. That weak ass affidavit the prosecution submitted was a joke! pic.twitter.com/TGApwaxo

— Super Human-itarian (@MonotonousMoron) April 20, 2012

Jack Dunphy: 'The Affidavit Against George Zimmerman: Weak Sauce' on http://t.co/hDCQ6BYV http://t.co/h2tqK7Cz

— Chris K FJeffrey (@ChrisKFJeffrey) April 14, 2012

What does the prosecutor have on Geo Zimmerman? The affidavit supporting a 2nd degree murder charge is remarkably weak http://t.co/8QCZiezc

— John Hinderaker (@jhinderaker) April 14, 2012

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