These 20 Photos Will Make You Look At Least Twice. They’re Amazingly Perfect.

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Robert Rickhoff is a great photographer. He takes ordinary scenes and brings out the “Wow” factor in them. And not in a intrinsic way. Instead, he shows us things we’ve never seen before. Seriously, check these out and tell me they aren’t awesome… 1. Wow, I wish my imagination worked like this. Robert Rickhoff 2. […]


This 12 Year Old Girl Hanged Herself. The Note She Left Behind Shattered My World.

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Four years ago, a family lost their loving husband and father. He died suddenly and since that day, little Maria hasn’t been the same even though she seemed okay. But, NO ONE expected her sadness to go this deep. You’re going to need your tissues for this. 12 year-old Maria was close to her daddy. […]


This Quaint Town Can Belong To You…If You Don’t Mind Some Spooky Atmosphere.

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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own town? Do you want an entire habitat just for you, your friends, and maybe even a few members of your family to live in peace without the rest of the world interfering? If you don’t mind a possible ghost or two, you’re in luck. The town of […]


This Grandma Learned to Never Put Her Hand On A Shark Tank… Because DUH.

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Sharks have always been one of my biggest fears. Needless to say, the video below has turned me into a pathetic and shivering mound of sweat. I keep checking to make sure a shark isn’t going to eat me. Sure, I’m on land… but that’s not the point, OK? Watch as this granny learns why you should […]


Commonly Misheard Lyrics That Will Make You Feel Like a Dummy. Oops.

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Imagine that you are singing a song that you love at the top of your lungs. Your friend keeps giving you strange looks and you don’t understand why. It’s probably because you are singing so loud, but you don’t care. After the song is over you ask your friend what the problem is. They tell […]


Take An Alphabet And Make It Better: Learn The ABC’s Of The Beatles.

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Discovering the Beatles and their impact on our musical world is an important step in everyone’s life. Probably as important as learning your A-B-C’s. Okay, fine, maybe they aren’t quite that fundamental, but the classic rock icons are definitely up there. And fans of the Fab Four will get a kick out of this Tumblr user’s ode to the mop-topped […]