This Guy Was Exploring His Grandpa’s Attic. What He Found Is Mysteriously Awesome…Whoa.

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To most people, attics are just extra space in some houses that hold insulation and bits of dust. But, if you look closely enough, most attics have treasures tucked away inside them, forgotten in the years. One Reddit user, while exploring his grandfather’s attic for hidden goodies, stumbled across this medical chest. It’s a piece […]


What Happens When A Mugger Randomly Sees His Victim On Facebook? Not What You’d Expect.

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Over thirty years ago, a man mugged another man for his bus pass on the steps of the Museum of Natural History. Now, because of Facebook, the thief (who was promptly arrested when the crime initially occurred) finally got the chance to apologize. Your heart will be in a puddle after seeing this. When this […]


This Father And Daughter Tradition Will Have You Shaking In Your Boots.

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If you think your father-daughter traditions are pretty rad, wait until you see what these two do. Father, Aaron Marable and his daughter Edith take part in a tradition every October called “October Fright.” Aaron, an artist, poses his daughter in a bunch of frightening pictures and posts them to his Instagram for us to enjoy. And […]


These Three Girls Beat Cancer Together…And They Didn’t Even Know It.

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Meet three of the bravest young girls in America: 4-year-old Ainsley Peters, 3-year-old Rylie Hughey, and 6-year-old Rheann Franklin. They all have one very tragic and one very amazing thing in common. At their incredibly tender ages, each was diagnosed with a different form of cancer. But after losing hair, battling chemo, and multiple surgeries, they are all happily in remission. […]


You’ll Never Guess What’s Below This Abandoned Shopping Mall. It’s Seriously Amazing.

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The New World Mall located in Bangkok, Thailand has been abandoned since 1997. It was forced to close because of building violations. Then in 1999 a fire destroyed the building’s roof, which causes the basement of the structure to flood with rainwater. The standing water in the empty shopping center quickly became a breeding ground for […]


Use These 19 Genius Cleaning Hacks This Spring. I Can’t Believe I Never Thought Of #13 Til Now.

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For many people, the weather is finally becoming bright and sunny after a long winter. That usually leads to a round or two of spring cleaning. Instead of suffering through your normal cleaning methods this year, try some of this simple cleaning hacks that we found. You won’t believe how easy some of these suggestions […]