So There’s A Cafe In Japan… And You’ll Probably Really, Really Want To Go There After This.

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Japan is known for it’s crazy, kooky fads. The social trends there cover almost any kind of interest (and any subset of that interest). So it’s no surprise that after making gaming cafes, cat cafes and even bunny cafes, the Japanese thought of a new adorable trend: owl cafes. Over the past year, owl cafes have […]


Scared, Stranded Pit Bull Who Was Struggling To Survive Gets A Touching Rescue.

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For Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Hope For Paws, a few soothing words and a hamburger is often more than enough to gain the trust of an abandoned dog (as seen here), but for Bunny the Pit Bull that wouldn’t be enough as she was too terrified of coming close to her rescuers. It was no […]


A Little Girl Cried For Days Over Her Lost Stuffed Animal. How She Found It Made Me Cry.

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On Friday, a woman named Lauren Bishop Vranch found a small stuffed animal, lost and forlorn at Kings Cross Station. The little thing was completely threadbare and had obviously been some child’s close companion for years – and now he was all alone. Determined to help out a little boy or girl in need, Lauren […]


This Guy Was Exploring His Grandpa’s Attic. What He Found Is Mysteriously Awesome…Whoa.

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To most people, attics are just extra space in some houses that hold insulation and bits of dust. But, if you look closely enough, most attics have treasures tucked away inside them, forgotten in the years. One Reddit user, while exploring his grandfather’s attic for hidden goodies, stumbled across this medical chest. It’s a piece […]