‘Mistakes were clearly made’: Christie kicks off speech in passive voice

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http://twitter.com/#!/larsoneric50/status/423188989596540930 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie alluded to the Bridgegate scandal in the first sentences of his State of the State speech Tuesday afternoon, saying, “The last week has certainly tested this administration. Mistakes were clearly made, and we let down those we were supposed to serve.” Suddenly it seemed everyone was an English teacher. […]


Perpetual loser Piers Morgan mocks ‘Duck Dynasty’ ratings dip; Hey Piers, ‘What’s your excuse?’

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http://twitter.com/#!/cjgeissler/status/426782390393249792 He should be, but that would require self-awareness. And Piers Morgan just doesn’t have it. Variety reports that this past Wednesday’s episode of “Duck Dynasty” drew 6.65 million viewers, down from 8.5 million last week. Morgan could barely contain his glee over the news: http://twitter.com/#!/piersmorgan/status/426772917855469568 But as countless tweeters pointed out, Piers really shouldn’t […]


Bam! Hey WH, did you forget this ‘leading statesman’ Biden moment? [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/MelissaTweets/status/420923029514764288 Snicker. Even more embarrassing? http://twitter.com/#!/TheRickWilson/status/420895813708304384 Yes, that hilariously happened. A Twitter user offers a flashback that sums it all up brilliantly: http://twitter.com/#!/sjkz/status/420911274512244736 Ah, memories! Good times, good times. How statesmanlike! Related: ‘Not even Jay Carney’s beard is buying that’: WH calls Biden ‘leading statesman’ Awkward: Joe Biden is photographed with a female biker in his lap […]