‘Science requires obedience’: Also ‘big govt, high taxes, and more UN control’

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http://twitter.com/#!/KurtSchlichter/status/516378774125182976 The People’s Socialism Climate March may be over but the agenda moves on, and the “science” always demands the same political actions. Ladies. Ignore the crop failures & #climate refugees, here's a jerry can of gasoline. @exjon, [email protected] @CaseyParksIt @Greenpeace — Jon Hinck (@jonhinck) September 28, 2014 [email protected] Africa, ignore feeding your kids. A […]


what this is’: EPA admin proudly admits waging War on Coal [video]

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http://twitter.com/#!/jjauthor/status/478565052157403136 That’s pretty much how it’s supposed to work. Nice of the EPA to finally admit it. Earlier this month, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy was pleased as punch to announce a set of new regulations on power plants, in the name of “environmental justice.” Last week, she gave Bill Maher a little more information about […]


‘Cutest effect of climate change yet’: Global warming shrinks goats

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http://twitter.com/#!/dad_of_jacob/status/525396972279431168 Global warming … is there nothing it can’t do? Is there no question for which it’s not the answer? No research grant it can’t help you procure? Climate change is causing mountain goats to shrink http://t.co/UC10Ln7E8p pic.twitter.com/JooqBsiRHf — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) October 23, 2014 Good RT @thinkprogress: Climate change is causing mountain goats to shrink […]


Obama admin. to permit wind farm eagle deaths; Citizens rip green hypocrisy

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http://twitter.com/#!/LeftyBollocks/status/409020424576458752 The Obama administration announced that for the next three decades the Department of the Interior will not prosecute operators of wind farms whose turbines kill eagles, supposedly in an attempt to avoid discouraging investment in that particular “clean energy” business. http://twitter.com/#!/CBSNews/status/409060333220012032 http://twitter.com/#!/AP_Politics/status/409058792161415169 Via the Associated Press: Under pressure from the wind-power industry, the Obama […]