This Disorder Makes You Addicted To What? That Just Doesn’t Sound Right…

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BerryHappyBodies Münchausen syndrome is a psychiatric factitious disorder where the affected person fakes being ill. Often times, the faux symptoms are concocted to gain attention or fulfill the wish to be taken care of. The people listed below are the extreme, but even mild cases of the syndrome involve a lot more than running a […]


Here are the Healthiest Candies You Can Eat This Halloween. It’s Not a Trick!

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Concerned parents everywhere are gearing up for the candy festival that is known as Halloween. Every year, parents have to be on high alert and worry about the health of the children that participate in the holiday. Candy has a bad reputation for being causing cavities, leading to obesity and making children hyperactive lunatics.  This […]


This Town in Australia Looks Totally Deserted. But Turns Out Their Residents Are Just Brilliant.

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The town of Coober Pedy in northern South Australia (wait, it gets even more confusing) is the opal capital of the world. Nearly 95% of the world’s opal supply comes from the local mines. But, if you were to walk into this mining town of 3,000 people, you wouldn’t see a bustling little town. You’d […]


You Can Turn Your Instagram Photos Into T-Shirts By Using This App.

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If you’re familiar with the mobile app Instagram, you know that many people dedicate a lot of time to their mobile photography. The precious moments people take a long time to perfectly capture in Instagram deserve more than just a few “likes.” That is where the creator of SnapShirt, Michael Krilivsky comes in. With this app, you can […]


This Little Known Place Way Up North Is Perfection. And I Had No Idea It Even Existed Til Now.

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Lapland, Finland, has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Plus, if Santa is real, then he definitely lives in this magical place. Even if you hate wintry wonderlands (and who does, really?) you still might want to put visiting there on your bucket list. Lapland is the largest and northernmost […]


Most People Think These Things Are True… But They’re Very, Very Wrong.

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Learning new things can be fun, but sometimes you’ll come across new pieces of information that will debunk certain things you accepted as facts. There are lots of inaccuracies or misconceptions that people swear are the gospel truth (but they’re wrong). It can be annoying to find out that you’ve been wrong for years, but it’s probably […]