Brothers Who Spent Years In Foster Care Were Adopted By Two Neighboring Families

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Julie Washington and her husband have huge hearts, and they knew they wanted to expand their family. After having two biological daughters, the Washington family decided that they wanted to adopt. But they didn’t just choose to adopt one child. Instead, they added three brothers to the mix. They never could have known what would […]


Little Boy Can’t Hold Back The Tears After Meeting A Tiny Chihuahua Puppy

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Sometimes puppies can be so overwhelmingly cute and sweet you could just cry. At least, that’s how this little boy feels. Sweet Zayden was already bursting with excitement when Mom took him to the pet store, but as soon as he got to hold a Chihuahua puppy, he was so completely overcome with emotion that […]


7 Siblings Were Separated As Kids, But Reunited To Catch Up In The Sweetest Way

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Reddit user Averne was raised as an only child. While in class with a particularly awful teacher, she was reduced to tears when the woman made students raise their hands if they had brothers or sisters, and then went on to say how “lonely” and “sad” it must be for those who didn’t. When she […]


She Grew Up In Bad Foster Homes And Wanted To Prevent Her Brothers From That Fate

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Melissa Irons had a rough childhood. Because her mom was in and out of prison, she was raised by multiple foster families. So when she became an adult, she joined the marines to find some structure and discipline — something she’d seriously lacked growing up. In an effort to save her brothers from a similar […]