Here’s What The Future Was Going To Look Like According To These Old Ads. #9…YES, Please!

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Humans, in general, have an obsession with the future. We worry about what we will be doing in 5 years, what technological advancements will be and what the world will look like for our children. We have always been that way. Take these ads from past decades as an example. The vintage advertisements attempted to […]


Here Are The 24 Most Ridiculously Clever Advertisements… That Used Animals. They’re Fantastic.

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Advertising is a tricky business. You need to identify people’s needs, wants and desires and capitalize on them. Even if they don’t know what they want, an advertiser should know. One thing that 99% of people love and want? Animals. Adorable, hilarious animals. These clever advertisements incorporated animals and, we have to say, they succeeded in making […]