Sen. Chris Murphy’s warning that thousands will die if GOP health care bill passes isn’t hyperbole, OK?

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Not that Democrats have been ratcheting up the fear factor over the (relatively toothless) effort to repeal Obamacare, but even a standard procedural vote on Tuesday was interpreted as a literal death sentence by some more dramatically inclined citizens out there. Sen. Chris Murphy got in on the game earlier Tuesday, apparently hoping to sway […]


Mary Katharine Ham schools Obamacare cheerleaders who can’t handle the truth

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Indeed. Unsubsidized, full-boat premium, high-as-to-be-worthless deductible indiv Ocare is effing AWESOME. Also: coerced. — Cuffy (@CuffyMeh) May 24, 2017 As Twitchy told you, the CBO’s new report on the AHCA has liberals flipping their lids. Mary Katharine Ham has plenty of experience when it comes to losing health insurance coverage. Thanks to Obamacare, she […]