DERP: Alyssa Milano’s latest attempt at trolling Trump deserves the BOSS of ALL reality checks

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OMG! Alyssa Milano is SO DOWN with today’s political climate and she totally GETS IT! For example we’re pretty sure she thought this was super CLEVER … I mean…can we just repeal and replace Trump? Just asking…for a friend. — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) July 31, 2017 Ugh, when does Alyssa just go back to selling […]


Just STAHP! Alyssa Milano’s latest ‘video-stunt’ pretending she understands politics is INSULTING

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Don’t worry, little people, Hollywood will PROTECT YOU! Maybe it’s just us, but the notion that some Hollywood teenage has-been feels the need to get between constituents and their elected officials is sorta self-centered and smug. As if they aren’t important enough for their elected officials to pay attention to them without her. Insulting. And […]


Alyssa Milano wonders what’s up with the talk about the ‘Duck Dynasty’ dude

, , ,!/Alyssa_Milano/status/414157313302204416 Here’s a reply Milano received to her question about Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty”:!/brettzolanski/status/414157691854921728 Ah:!/Alyssa_Milano/status/414157823589625856 Fully caught up on the story in just nine minutes:!/Alyssa_Milano/status/414159563303026688 Aaron Worthing and RS McCain bring it home:!/AaronWorthing/status/414164963050401796 A very interesting question, but …!/rsmccain/status/414178254283489280 Heh. Read more: