‘We’re still doomed’! Newsweek shares reason NASA’s Antarctic ice study is ‘not good news’

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A few days ago we told you about a NASA study which found ice in Antarctica is “overall accumulating.” That runs counter to previous studies which led to predictions that ice would disappear and contribute to a rise in sea levels. How can the alarmists best spin the NASA study? The doomsdayers have long said […]


This Is What An Upside-Down Iceberg Looks Like

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Belly up! Here’s what the icy behemoths look like when they’ve had a few too many. 1. On a recent excursion to Antarctica, San Francisco-based filmmaker and designer Alex Cornell, 30, caught a rare glimpse of an iceberg’s underside. View this image › Alex Cornell / Via alexcornell.com Most icebergs’ hefty bodies are submerged under […]