Heroic Soldiers Step In To Save A Woman Who Was Groped And Unable To Defend Herself

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One of the ways we can prevent sexual assault is by stepping in when we see something suspicious. That’s exactly what Staff Sgt. Anthony Ciccariello Jr., Sgt. James Smith and Spc. Evan Lipp did when off-duty at a bar in Watertown, New York, saving a young woman from an attacker. “I noticed the two males […]


First tweet from new Sec. of the Army quotes Taylor Swift


We get that this first — and only — tweet from new Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning is in regard to Saturday’s Army-Navy football game, but sheesh. Taylor Swift lyrics? The account isn’t verified by Twitter, but reporters are saying it’s real: Delete your account and get back to work please. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/12/08/first-tweet-from-new-secretary-of-the-army-quotes-taylorswift13/


She Grew Up In Bad Foster Homes And Wanted To Prevent Her Brothers From That Fate

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Melissa Irons had a rough childhood. Because her mom was in and out of prison, she was raised by multiple foster families. So when she became an adult, she joined the marines to find some structure and discipline — something she’d seriously lacked growing up. In an effort to save her brothers from a similar […]