what this is’: EPA admin proudly admits waging War on Coal [video]

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http://twitter.com/#!/jjauthor/status/478565052157403136 That’s pretty much how it’s supposed to work. Nice of the EPA to finally admit it. Earlier this month, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy was pleased as punch to announce a set of new regulations on power plants, in the name of “environmental justice.” Last week, she gave Bill Maher a little more information about […]


Bill Maher uses hypothetical dead black kids to mock ‘anti-science’ Marco Rubio

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http://twitter.com/#!/barryrushwater/status/469202130986102784 Bill Maher doesn’t like Sen. Marco Rubio. See, according to Maher, icky Republican Rubio doesn’t believe in science. And in failing to hitch his wagon to the climate change caravan, Rubio’s opening himself up to ridicule like this: http://twitter.com/#!/billmaher/status/469194885828849664 That Marco Rubio and his science-hating ways … doesn’t he know that Florida will wind up underwater because […]


‘Throw up now or then?’ Bill Maher to take over HuffPo’s Twitter feed during SOTU

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http://twitter.com/#!/HuffPostPol/status/427841327489744897 Oh no? Speak for yourselves, HuffPo: http://twitter.com/#!/erin_sheehan08/status/427842189675081729 http://twitter.com/#!/adelawagner1/status/427849741389410304 Seriously. That sounds like much more fun. *** Update: This tweeter makes a pretty good point: http://twitter.com/#!/NumbersMuncher/status/427859158679814144 Heh. *** Update: Hmmm: http://twitter.com/#!/OrwellForce/status/427860421274370049 That won’t be easy, but if anyone can do it, it’s Maher. *** Related: Twitchy coverage of Bill Maher Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/01/27/throw-up-now-or-then-bill-maher-to-take-over-huffpos-twitter-feed-during-sotu/