We All Saw Jamie Foxx Save A Life, But Did You See What Happened Seconds Later?

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There are a few things that we all know about Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx. He’s talented, he’s easy on the eyes, and he’s hilarious. But as many of us found out the other day when he pulled a man from a burning vehicle, he’s also heroic. While hanging out at home one day, Foxx heard […]


This Woman Can Turn Herself Into Completely Different People. This Is Talent.

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The power of makeup goes beyond covering up pimples and filling in eyebrows. We saw some impressive transformations last week, but this woman is even more talented than that extremely talented man. With a painting background, Lucia Pittalis uses stage makeup to completely morph herself into celebrities with such seamless detail. I wouldn’t want to be up against […]


The Odd Jobs Celebrities Held Before They Were Famous Are Eye-Opening.

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Have big dreams of acting on the big screen? Feel like you’re stuck in a dead end job and you’ll never get your big break? I’m sure some of these celebrities did as well while working these jobs. There is hope for you yet!   1.) Cindy Crawford HealthyLivingAndTravel Crawford made some sweet moolah by […]