All-caps crazy: Cher says ‘GOP pigs’ want ‘women to be ready for rape!’

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#MichStateSenate GOP MEN.You've Been VOTED The MOST HEINOUS WOMEN HATERS IN THE HISTORY OF US. NO EMPATHY? MAYBE U NEED PERSONAL EXPERIENCE — Cher (@cher) March 13, 2014 Got that, GOP men in the Michigan state legislature?!/cher/status/443986305274245121 Yes, the deranged diva is back, armed with smiley faces for another all-caps #WarOnPunctuation. Confirmed: Cher is […]


‘Look Up The Word ‘NEUTERED”: Cher’s pretty pissed off at Congress

, ,!/stu1231/status/515590751305363456 Looks like Cher’s just about had it with the legislative branch: If Congress Wont Come Back in2 session NOW, 2 Vote On War, Who Cares If They EVER Come Back. THEY CARE MORE ABOUT THEIR BS JOBS,THAN USA🇺🇸 — Cher (@cher) September 26, 2014 Look Up The Word “NEUTERED” In Dictionary & You’ll See Photo,Showing MANY in Congress! Apathetic, […]


Cher is a border hawk?


Has anyone thought of doing a wellness check on Cher because this is nuttier than usual: Shh … Nobody tell her that the project was shut down years ago and never completed. Actually, Cher returned to her usual anti-GOP self a few hours later with an attack on Donald Trump: Do you think she’ll ever […]