Just When I Thought I Knew What I Was Looking At… WOW. My Brain Just Exploded.

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Brooklyn artist Robin Antar has an amazing ability. She creates oversized replicas of common American items out of stone! Seriously, these things look exactly like the real deal, so much so that they’re truly good enough to eat. Currently being displayed only at the The Waterfall Gallery & Mansion in NYC, June 12 through August 31, […]


She Completes Beautiful Landscapes With Something You Use During Dinner Every Night

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When it comes to creating incredible works of art, Canadian painter Jacqueline Poirier has a lot on her plate. After all, Poirier (previously) is the resident artist at The Ritz Carlton in Toronto, and she produces stunning pieces for everyone from hotel patrons to A-list celebrities. She’s been featured in major publications across North America […]