These Guys Thought They’d Attracted Some Fish, But They Got A Huge Surprise Instead

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A few fishermen were trying to catch snapper about 10 miles off the southern coast of New South Wales, Australia, when they spotted something moving toward them. At first, they thought they finally had some fish on their lines, but they quickly realized that that these visitors wanted nothing to do with their bait! Dolphins […]


These Gorgeous Caves In New Zealand Are Illuminated By Glow Worms.

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The island country of New Zealand is known for its amazing natural scenery, but people usually focus on what’s above ground. While the mountains, beaches and wildlife are breathtaking, there’s even more stunning sights to be found below the surface.  In the township of Waitomo, on the north island, there is a place that is absolutely […]


This Deadpool Pancake Is The Single Greatest Pancake You’ll Ever See – Wow

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The Deadpool movie has recently taken the film industry by storm after breaking all types of records at the box office. The hype surrounding the flick has a lot of people interested in this hilarious comic book character, a guy with an odd love of pancakes…well, maybe not so odd, since pancakes are awesome! In […]


These 22 High School Students Turned Their Parking Spots Into Works Of Art

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); High school is a nightmare for most people — especially those who drive to school and have to park. Back then, it seemed like I was finding a new scratch or scuff mark every single day after classes let out. Courteous driving wasn’t exactly a thing that most of my classmates […]


What He Does With A Highlighter Will Make School So Much Cooler For Your Kids

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Back-to-school time has to be one of the most depressing parts of the year for children. When I was still in school, I’d always begin to dread the inevitable return of homework and the end of summer fun when August rolled around. And no matter how much I tried to enjoy my last few weeks […]


17 Reasons Cardiff Is The Perfect Hen Do Location

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It will probably beat the wedding, to be honest. 1. It’s very easy to get to. View this image › / Via There are plenty of train links from all over the UK, plus the Megabus from cities including Swansea, London and Manchester. Just don’t forget the bridge toll if you’re driving – […]


Here Are 10 Animals That Went Extinct Despite Being Totally Awesome. Except #1… Stay Away.

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It’s said that about 200 species of animals go extinct every day. So, it’s no surprise that there are animals that used to roam the earth that we don’t see any more. Here are 10 of the coolest animals that have gone extinct. How many of them do you recognize? 1.) Tyrannosaurus Rex (extinct 65 […]