Watch As Adorable Babies Are Overcome With Joy After Seeing Their Dads

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When it comes to babies, every homecoming is cause for celebration. Such is life when you’re a little bundle of joy! If you need a pick-me-up, here’s a compilation of happy babies getting all kinds of ecstatic when their daddies get home! You really can’t be sad after seeing all of this preciousness. It’s science. […]


This Kid’s Dad Makes Him Feel Like Spider-Man By Doing This Around Their House

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Most kids look to their dads as superheroes. I know I was certainly one of them. But when it comes to this father and his little son, it might be the other way around. When the toddler dressed up like Spider-Man, the transformation to real-life superhero just wasn’t complete without one simple thing. googletag.cmd.push(function() { […]


17 Things Pregnant Women Do That Blow You Away

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Pregnant applause. 1. They watch their baby’s feet poke out of their belly and don’t need lifelong therapy afterward. View this image › It’s like the scene from Alien IRL. 2. They practically become doctors. View this image › Getty Images/Creatas RF Creatas Images Listening to them talk to their OB is like watching […]