‘Keep digging’: Hillary calls reports that her homebrew server was hacked ‘totally untrue’ [video]

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Some of Hillary Clinton’s emails that have been released reveal that she has a rudimentary-at-best knowledge of even some of the most basic technology, but she appears completely convinced about one thing: Well that settles it! Absolutely! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/01/21/keep-digging-hillary-calls-reports-that-her-homebrew-server-was-hacked-totally-untrue-video/


‘Transparency FTW!’ State Dept. delays release of last few thousand Hillary emails until WHEN?

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Last week, the State Department announced that several thousand of Hillary Clinton’s emails originally scheduled to be released today would be delayed slightly due to the snowstorm combined with some internal “oversights.” As it now turns out, thousands of those emails will not be released before a couple of notable dates this election year: Probably […]