Bernie Sanders would treat White House ‘like public housing’

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There’s a good chance you missed tonight’sIowa Black and Brown Forum featuring the three Democrat candidates for president, as the forum, which focuses on issues affecting minority communities, aired on Fusion, which is still fighting for a place on many cable providers’ channel lineups. Finding a photo of the contenders in tomorrow’s paper might be […]


‘Full of morons’: DNC tries to politicize Thanksgiving, cries ‘unclw’ [pic]

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As we all know, liberals and Democrats have nothing better to do right now than tell us how to talk politics at Thanksgiving. Today’s target? Your nasty, old “Republican uncle”: They just can’t get enough of that crap. Pretty much. That’s OK. Maybe that’ll knock the Dems’ heads back on straight. Thanks, DNC, but we […]


‘Now more than ever’: Dems redouble call for special prosecutor after Tuesday afternoon massacre

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As Twitchy reported, former FBI Director James Comey received his pink slip from President Trump Tuesday, and in about as much time as it took for pundits to dub Trump’s firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates his “Monday night massacre,” Brian Williams and others were contemplating the repercussions of today’s follow-up, the Tuesday afternoon […]


Here’s how Dems’ war hypocrisy can be summed up with one brilliant tweet

, ,!/GOPMommy/status/514235159525486592 Of course not! Because, hypocrites. I look forward to hearing from all the anti war democrats today. I'm sure they won't hypocritically support this. — Vanessa (@rolltideroll95) September 23, 2014 As Twitchy reported, an AP lapdog swiftly tried to spin for President Obama. Syria airstrikes? This war is awesome, guys! Here’s how the shameless […]


‘Only criminal activity from Dems!’ Sean Spicer parody pokes Lefty’s Nest and they SWARM hilariously

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It’s a good time politically to be a parody. As proven [email protected]_spicier, who has quickly become one of our favorite (if not our favorite, sorry Chelsea Clinton) account to follow and write about. Every couple of days we check in on his timeline because we KNOW he’ll have found a way to upset hordes and […]