23 Photos That Prove Mason Jar Projects Have Gone Too Far

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Bow down to your new master: the Ball jar. 1. They’re replacing basic kitchen items, like salt shakers. instagram.com 2. They’re making us forget we have actual bakeware… instagram.com 3. …and cereal bowls. instagram.com 4. They’re inspiring a whole new subculture of knitwear. instagram.com 5. They’re changing the way we communicate with each other. instagram.com […]


What He Does With A Highlighter Will Make School So Much Cooler For Your Kids

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Back-to-school time has to be one of the most depressing parts of the year for children. When I was still in school, I’d always begin to dread the inevitable return of homework and the end of summer fun when August rolled around. And no matter how much I tried to enjoy my last few weeks […]


Not Only Is This DIY Cheese Grater Effective, But It’s Easy To Make, Too!

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Can we all agree that cheese graters are one of the most annoying kitchen tools ever invented? Half the time, you end up grating more of your fingers than you do the actual cheese! And what little amount of delicious morsels you do grate tend to get all over your counter…what a waste! If you’re […]


What This Father And Son Built In Their Backyard Is So Awesome. The End… OMG, I Want It.

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The father of Reddit user wnx_ch had a dream ever since moving into his house years ago. There was something he really wanted to build. The family lives in a chalet in Switzerland, and as if living in that beautiful country doesn’t make me jealous enough, wait til you see what this guy and his […]