Dillon Couldn’t Walk When He Came To Them…But Look At Him Just Weeks Later

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With their puppy dog eyes, smiley faces, and wagging tails, it’s easy to forget just how tough our pups are. When Dillon, an 11-year-old labrador came out of spinal surgery, he couldn’t walk, sit, or do much of anything other than lie on the ground. While the surgery was necessary, it left him with no […]


One Look At These Excited Pups And You’ll Be Smiling For The Rest Of The Day

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You know what can make the worst days better? Dog videos. If you’ve had the work week from Hell, you should probably check this out. Just like your own pup brings a smile to your face with one wag of the tail, these hilarious dogs will help you unwind with their personality-packed antics. When it […]


Human Decides To Act Just Like His Dog, And His Impression Is Hysterical

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Just like their human caregivers, dogs have really specific personalities. Because we live with our animal friends, we eventually pick up on their quirks and oddities. We know just when they want to play, what they look like when they’re hiding something, and how they act when they’re hungry. This hilarious dog owner, however, has […]