Yes, This Drawing Is Incredibly Detailed… But When You See It From 20 Feet Away, It’s Mind Blowing.

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This is the kind of art that will drop your jaw. Grand Pale Maw is a piece created by artist Sean Sullivan for the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) gallery. It took him nearly 7 months to finish drawing, but with a piece like this, it seems he could have spent his entire life adding to it. […]


This Mom Has No Idea Her Son Uploaded This Yet. When You See It, You’ll Know Why He Did.

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A Reddit user noticed that his mother had an unusual hobby and talent. She would take a normal photograph of her own or a friend’s and then sketch around it, completing the scene. It wasn’t just normal sketching though, it was a fabulous work of art. So, he decided to upload her pictures online to show […]


Amazing Photorealistic Time Lapse Drawing Of Robin Williams. Unbelievable.

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People remember and honor those they admire differently. For talented artist Heather Rooney, she decided to honor the memory of her idol Robin Williams, who brought her so many laughs and smiles through the years, with this photorealistic pencil drawing of the late actor. Once you see her draw that first eye with her Prismacolor […]