This Retired Air Force Officer Just Broke His Silence On Something So Eerie

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We’ve all heard of Roswell, but what about Rendlesham Forest? After 36 years, retired Air Force Officer Steve Longero has finally broken his silence about what he saw in those woods on December 26, 1980. On the day after Christmas in 1980, Longero and several other men were paroling the east gate of RAF Woodbridge […]


Two Polar Bears Meet For The First Time And Instantly Become Best Buds

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This is the heartwarming moment when two young polar bears named Nobby and Nissan come nose-to-nose and instantly become the greatest of friends. They even cement their newly found friendship with a nice, relaxing swim. The pair live on a vast ten-acre polar reserve at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in England, an area they share […]


When His Dad Collapsed, This Little Boy Saved His Life By Feeding Him Yogurt

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If my mom had a serious medical condition, I highly doubt that I would have been able to save her life as a little girl. Most people wouldn’t expect young children to know how to react to their parents falling seriously ill, but that definitely didn’t stop one little boy from bringing his dad out […]


What They Found In This Bird’s X-Ray Will Make You Wonder How He Survived

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Many species of birds rely on their surroundings, be it branches or pieces of trash, to build their nests. There they sleep, raise their babies, and enjoy tasty meals. But when this young jackdaw swallowed something either out of hunger or because he wanted to bring it back to his family at the nest, he […]