Fluke endorsed by discredited ‘environmental champion’ Ed Begley Jr.

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http://twitter.com/#!/murgatr0id/status/498589103936401408 Heh. http://twitter.com/#!/SandraFluke/status/498588791062282240 Wait. Does she mean the “environmental champion” who seemed all too willing to collude with Middle Eastern oil sheiks to attack American energy producers? http://twitter.com/#!/EricMorris1616/status/498590597259997185 Yeah that seems to be the same guy. http://twitter.com/#!/EricMorris1616/status/498590779980677122 http://twitter.com/#!/EdB4572/status/498610364767293440 *** Related ‘Going global!’ What’s James O’Keefe doing in Cannes, France? James O’Keefe teases Part 2 of sting […]