She Knew Everything Would Be Okay When Her Premature Baby Flashed An Enormous Smile

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And now, a ‘PSA from FLOTUS,’ brought to you by ‘bad people’ [pics]

, , , , ,!/Snywalker/status/464474818981949441 Preach. Or let Michelle Obama do the preaching for you:!/Snywalker/status/465246733560467458 One of life’s certainties.!/RealShowstopper/status/465492788365496323 And thanks to a helpful Redditor, there’s a convenient template you can use to create things like this:!/MarvinCrain/status/465253992105115648 So many possibilities.!/papagiorgio200/status/465157865682919425 This image has 1 million+ Facebook likes:!/johnhawkinsrwn/status/466406770341347328 Glowing with pride in their discovery of this newfangled thingy called […]


Seriously? Facebook is going with THESE sources as ‘fact checkers’ to crack down on fake news?

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It looks as if Facebook has chosenthe AP and Snopes.comto beits “fact checkers” in determining what qualifies as fake news. Facebook's war on fake news starts with a pop up window for re-posters of bad info. — John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ) March 19, 2017 That is just a brilliant idea. The AP and Snopes are […]


White student unions multiplying on Facebook a hoax

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Around 30 Facebook pages for white student unions popped up online over the weekend, causing alarm and disgust among quite a few, regardless of the fact that the pages are very likely a hoax coordinated by the pranksters at 4Chan. ABC7 News hasn’t quite caught on yet, however. It is creating a lot of talk, […]


Zuckerberg donates $25M to fight Ebola, buys a ‘chunk’ of Hawaii for $100M

, , , ,!/JohnKerry/status/522033187875479552 Mark Zuckerberg gives $25 million to fight #Ebola #ksdk — KSDK NewsChannel 5 (@ksdknews) October 14, 2014 But is this really “leadership” or “crucial” to the fight against Ebola? He did just drop a whole lot more cash on this: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg buys chunk of Hawaii island for a casual $100million […]


Poor Grandma! She Was Just Trying To Put Her Grandson To Bed When She Took A Tumble

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I make no secret of my clumsiness. I fall all the time! It’s just how some of us are wired. When Nikki Sharp Bishop’s mom tried to put Bishop’s son to bed, she really took the cake for the most hilarious and embarrassing fall ever. Bishop wrote on Facebook, “My mom is going to kill […]


These Spiders In Australia Are Getting Too Smart — Not Even Floods Can Stop Them

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Australia is a land of extremes. The continent is known for its deadly assortment of wildlife, but that’s not the only extreme thing about it. There’s also the weather. Recent floods in areas of Tasmania have caused unprecedented damage to residents’ homes and businesses. However, the extreme flooding has also caused wildlife — specifically spiders […]


Dan Rather’s note to pray for the future of the country turns his Twitter feed into a theological tire fire

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It’s always a pleasure to hear from the grandfather of fake news, and Dan Rather has a message for the country so important it couldn’t be squeezed into a tweet. Instead, Rather published a lengthy Facebook post Monday advising all praying people to pray for the future of the country following today’s testimony from FBI […]